To Director of the Institute of Economics named after J. Alyshbaev of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of Economics Dyikanbaeva T.S.

Dear Toktobyubyu Sayakbaevna!
Let me express my sincere gratitude to you for participating in the II International Conference “Eurasian Cross-Border Economic, Scientific and Technical Interactions” and for your excellent speech at the conference on the river “Eurasian Economic Union: Responding to the Challenges of the Time”. We especially appreciate the fact that you found an opportunity at this difficult time to send to Novosibirsk the head of the department of your Institute, Ph.D. Sayakov S.Sh. and leading researcher, Ph.D. Dzhaparov E.S. I was informed that their participation in the discussions at the conference site was very useful and fruitful.
This forum showed the extreme importance and relevance of the “reset” of scientific and technical interactions between national academies of sciences and leading universities in the post-Soviet space, taking into account their regional specifics. We will be grateful to you for your efforts to activate the activities of the Institute of Economics named after Academician J. Alyshbaev of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic in the International Association of the Academy of Sciences (IAAS) and are ready for solidarity interactions. As a result of discussions at this conference, we decided to apply to the leadership of the IAAS with a request to create a section “Economics and Law” in its structure and hope for the effective work of the Institute headed by you.
On the eve of the new year, we wish you happiness, health, creative success, stability and faith in the future. We will be glad to see you as an honored guest at the III International Conference on Eurasian Cross-Border Interactions, which we are planning for autumn 2014.
Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Chairman of the SB RAS, Academician V.N. Parmon.